Monday, 29 April 2013

The musical eye and the funky birds.

Some art offering I for you this week.
This eye is painted on left over Christmas paper that’s been begging me to do something with it since January.
I just needed some practice on painting and drawing eyes(i still need way more as you can see) and this happened. I'm not sure if I should fill in the whites of the eye or if I like it as is. I think I like it as is.

Lifebook weeks for quirky birds, I'm not overly fond of them maybe I should try again. I have seen what other people have made with the same class and I'm jealous to say the least.

That’s my art desk in the background looking nice and clean J

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A family portrait and a few WIP.

So I still love the Kat McBride technique of painting faces. I have two to share I  think they are both still WIP. I'm don’t want to spoil them anymore.
Step away from the paint.
This girls hair got a bit out of control to say the least. Its meant to look like its blowing back in the wind, but instead it looks like she is a bit of a hairspray addict.  Needs work.
This is my attempt at a folk art angel, it was a clean-up back round form some gelli prints and originally I wanted the background to show threw the painting but it didn’t work out like that now she has random bits of colour on her face. Again needs more work.
And then there is this family as currently is (although I hope I'm not that big yet!) after I did the wedding picture last week I knew I wanted to paint us. I don’t this its as good as the first one but I do love it. Mummy Daddy and bump. Oh and in case you’re interested we found out we are having a boy!! Baby names needed!!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

wedding gift!

Two wonderful friends of mine got married recently. It was amazing. As they have lived together before the wedding there was no point in buying them the normal wedding gifts, toaster, towel set or the like.

So we gave them a bit of cash for their honeymoon and I did a painting of them. I have never given my art to anyone before ever. I was so worried I was working on it until the last minute then drying it frantically with a hair dryer before we went.

This you might recognise is a life book class I really enjoyed it and thought it suited the couple well.   

This is just a photo of them so you can see how it kinda looks like them….if you squint.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I'm an art making machine.

So this week I have had really good health 90% of the time so I have been able to make art almost every day!!
I'm so happy. Not all of the work I have produced has been a masterpiece, but I do feel as though I have progressed leaps and bounds this week.
I highly recommend Kat McBride as a teacher.
Here is some of the work I have done this week.
Both of these are ‘homework’ from my life book class. The painting over a photo was a lot harder then I thought I just couldn’t get it to look right. (It’s a self-portrait from one of my wedding day pics in case you’re interested)
The heart connections class I made a lot of mess and I'm not happy with the outcome. Still fun trying.
This is a quick purple face that I did I was quite happy with it at the end of last week, but now I see all the flaws. But never mind because……..

 I made this! Yes me! With a litter guidance from Kat McBride face painting class. I'm so proud of it, yes she is a WIP needs better hair and her eyes look like they have no lashes, But I'm still super happy with her. She didn’t even take that long for a masterpiece (about two hours the last painting I loves this much took 5 hours). Love love love it!